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2011年12月13日 星期二

Leung Sir January new course -- Piano Music for Three Hundred Years

Dear all friends and students:

Sorry to inform that we have to cancelled this course.

I hope that we will open this course again.

David Leung



Dear Students and friends,

Since the holiday mood covers this month, Leung sir would like to postpond to start the new course on February 7, 2012
Every Tuesday morning: from 11:00am to 1:00pm

at Mongkok :  Leung Sir Music Center.

Interested ones please contact Leung sir through email.

Thc course details are as follows:

音樂專題討論課程鋼琴音樂三百年: 風格,樂種,美學




全個課程共十課,每課約 2 小時


講授語言 : 粵語及英語

January new course: Computer-aided Theory Study I

Dear friends and students,

Since the holiday mood of this month, Leung sir would like to postpond to start the course : Computer Aided Theory Study I - Music Analysis and Harmonization by Ear.

This course will start on February 9 (Thursday) 2012, from  8:30pm -- 10:00pm

at Mongkok --  Leung Sir Music Center

Anyone who are interested in the course, please contact through email with Leung sir.


David Leung

The details of the course are as follows:

2011年12月2日 星期五

LMusTCL Unit 3 - Development of Western Music Style in Historical Context II

Dear Friends and Students,

The below listed course finally started on February 21.

Thank you for your support.

David Leung



Dear Friends and Students,

Leung Sir would like to postpond the opening of the course. Please refer to the following details.

Starting date:  Around the beginning of February
                       Every Tuesday morning
                       11:00am to 1:00pm
Venue: Mongkok: Leung Sir Music Center
Hoping that more students can come.


David Leung

Dear Friends and Students,

Leung Sir Music Center will start the LMusTCL Examination Course Unit 3:

The Development of Western Music Style in Historical Context II:

              From the Classicism to Romanticism

If anyone are interested in learning the course, please contact Leung Sir.

Each unit can be studied independently.

Commencing Date: Jan 13, 2012 (Friday)
                       Time: 11:00am -- 1:00pm
                        Venue: Mongkok, HO King Commercial Center 2708

Thank you for introducing the course to your friends.


David Leung (published on Dec 1, 2011)