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2011年7月18日 星期一

音樂專題討論: Introduction to Schenkerian Analysis (申克理論分析法)



謝謝各同學支持。不知道何時才能開 Schenkerian Analysis Part II 呢?

今次的課程只能完成基本 concepts 和 各種 prolongation 的技巧。同學們最多做一些簡單的section 或是短歌,還沒有去到可以用 Schenkerian Analysis 去分析Form,比如 Sonata 等。


David Leung





雖然我不知道下一次這個高級音樂理論分析法是何時,至少,期望這班同學能夠掌握基本的分析思維,這有助他們日後處理任何調性音樂的分析。在第一課時,我極力強調,這個分析法很講求聽覺的自然判斷。所以,我不用任何閱讀才料,只用短小的範例去開始,讓同學們用他自然的聽力,雖然或會分析有錯,去對樂曲片段作一些粗略分析。他們日後習慣了音樂的結構進行後,才一點點仔細閱讀有關 Schenkerian 的理論,慢慢改正其分析的細節。


Dear David,

It is very funny to go through Schenkerian tonight. Actually, I just discovered I have been doing very similar things for many years. I could always spot which note is more important since I was a child and I always ask my student not to make certain note wrong. Or, I will be very angry, because "you will destroy the whole piece". Yes, and they all know that. The working philosophy is quite similar, just the main difference is that I could not explain why. So, it seemed very natural for me to go through the course.

I have asked people whether there are something like that in music for me to explore, and no one said there was one. New Discovery, interesting!

Thanks for providing the course, by the way,


Leung Sir 上



Dear students,

It is a good new that Leung Sir Music Center is going to offer a new course on advance music analysis.

Please leave down your contact email or phone if you are interested in. Further information about this course, please don't hesitate to email Leung Sir (theorydavid@yahoo.com.hk)

Have you ever heard of Schenkerian Analysis? This is a very useful analytical theory to help us to understand the tonal structure as well as the way of composing out of tonal musical works. Such theory is so famous that performers, as well as composers and piano teachers are eager to learn. LeungSir believes that no private music sectors will offer such course.

Leung Sir will tailor this theory to suitable students of different levels so that they can understand and make use of it according to their needs.

The whole course will include the following topics:

1. Brief introduction to Schenkerian Analysis

2. Melody and Counterpoint

3. Bass Linge and Harmonic Structure

4. Linear techniques

5. Tonal Strucutre

6. Techniques of Melodic Prolongation

7. Some Basic of Fundamental Structures

8. Some Common Tonal Patterns

9. Introduction to Graphic Notation

10. Set Pieces Discussion

Students should possess qualified Harmony knowledge in order to fully assimilate the concept of this theory.

Number of lessons: 10

Date :  August 10 2011 (Wednesday)
Time:  8:00pm to 10:00pm

Students : 6-8

(All materials will be provided)

David Leung

2011年7月4日 星期一

LMusTCL -- Unit 2: 8月份開辦的課程


由於七月份未能組成足夠人的學習小習,Leung Sir 改於八月十八日,逢星期四上午 開辦 LMusTCL --unit 1 的 study group已經滿額。


Leung Sir 上


LMusTCL -- 高級樂理文憑課程

LMusTCL高級樂理課程是為準備Trinity Guildhall - LMusTCL高級樂理考試而設。共分7個單元課程,每個單元教授不同的課題,逐期按需要開辦。學員最好修畢全7個單元,方可考試


單元 1:  西方音樂風格的歷史發展
單元 2:  音樂分析的與詮釋 I
單元 3:  從浪漫至近代音樂歷史與風格
單元 4:   LMusTCL高級樂理試題研習班
單元 5:  音樂的分析與詮釋 II
單元 6:  二十世紀音樂理論與音樂風格
單元 7作品中的音樂風格分析

這個樂理課程能提供相等於一般音樂專科相若程度的音樂知識予學員。修畢全7個單元可以幫助學員獲得音樂的分析及寫作技巧,並掌握西方音樂各時期音樂風格的形成,音樂特徵,歷史背景和其相關的基本分析法。如學員有志投考Trinity Guildhall的樂理高級文憑公開考試,此課程亦能提供必需的基礎知識與訓練。


入學資格: 八級樂理以上,以完成AMusTCL樂理課程者為最佳,又或有興繼續進修音樂,有一定程度者,又或現職樂教師者皆可。


Leung Sir 在 八月廿九日晚的  LMusTCL --unit 2 很幸運的也額滿了。



Leung Sir



Leung Sir 改於八月廿九日,逢星期一晚上 開辦 LMusTCL --unit 2  的 study group 亦只剩下一個名額。 如有興趣的同學,請 email 給 Leung sir。
謝謝各位位 的支持。
Leung Sir


音樂分析與詮釋 I

本課程旨在通過分析音樂作品的六大基本元素,包括旋律,和聲,曲式,節奏,音色,織體等去了解作品本身的寫作技巧,樂曲設計,及其欲表達之意義,創作意念和美學: 例如音樂與文字或標題的關係,絕對音樂的意義等。此課程不單可以幫助學員在作曲,演奏,教學和聆聽音樂方面,對作品有較深層次的認識與詮釋,還是LMusTCL高級樂理試題研習班之先修單元。


1. Revision of Chromatic Harmony
2. Reti's Thematic Variation

3. Thematic and Motivic Analysis
4. Informative Theory -- Leonard Meyer
5. Analyzing in Tonal Harmonic Contexts

6. Text Painting in Tonal Context
7. The Exploration of Art Song -- Text and Music
8. Interpretation of Music and Text

9. Programmatic/Referential Meaning in Music
10. Music Analysis Practice (Whole Piece)


講授語言 : 粵語及英語
入學資格: 八級樂理以上或相等程度